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Bear Watching Bus

Bear Point
The brown bear is the largest land animal in Japan, inhabiting solely in Hokkaido.
They are on top of the wildlfe ecosystem on the island of Hokkaido. We offer visitors
chances to see and feel the way they live in the wild.
Unlike in zoo or in bear reserve, here you can see them living in a real forest so close and
in safety. This facility has been made possible at Sahoro Resort where wild brown bears
inhabit in the surrounding areas.

Karikachi-kogen, Shintoku town, Kamikawa, Hokkaido 081-0039 Japan
Tel: 81+156-64-7007
Fax: 81+156-64-7224

Open period
25 Apr 2015 - 18 Oct 2015
Close: May.12,19,26, Jun.2,9,16,23,30, Oct.6,13

Open hours
9:00 - 16:00 (Last admissions are 40 minutes prior to closing )

Admission Tickets/ Adult 1836 yen, Children, Seniors 1080 yen
Bear Mountain Bus admission/ Adult 2916 yen, Children, Seniors 2160 yen
*Children:from age 4 thru grade school. For Age 3 and under admisson is free.
*Senior:Ages 60 and up.

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A guide to the "World of the Unknown"

Walk along the high-rise walkway. From the bus.
There are two ways to observe the brown bears.
Experience the power and impact.

High-rise Walkway Course (Walkway-> Bear Point-> Walkway)
At Sahoro Resort Bear Mountain where brown bears live in a near wild environment, there is a high-rise walkway through the area and you can observe the leisurely life style of the adorable bears.

*High-rise Walkway is 5 meters high, 370 meters long, with a 2% gradient, and is connected from the entrance gate to Bear Point with a 7% gradient slope accessable by wheel chairs.

Bear Watching Bus Course (Bus-> Bear Point-> Bus or Walkway)
For those of you who would like to get closer to the bears, we recommend that you take the bear watching bus.
The world that spreads before you at the same eye level of the bears is truly a realistic sensation. Please take home a memory of the impression Sahoro's beautiful nature makes upon you.

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Bear Mt. Map

Facility Overview
•Total Land Area: 15hactares (more than 3 times the size of Tokyo Dome)
•High-rise Walkway: Elevated walkway height 5 m and length 370 m
•Bear Watching Bus course : 30 passengers, run every 1 hour around 1.2km loop
•Round-trip Time: Approx. 1 hour either on foot or by bus Additional Facilities
•Parking Lot: 400 cars, 37 buses, 3 disabled parking spaces

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Karikachi-kogen, Shintoku Town, Kamikawa-gun,
Hokkaido 081-0039
Tel.81+156-64-7111 Fax.81+156-64-6282