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Must-see sightseeing spots around Sahoro area

Asahikawa / Furano Areas

Asahiyama Zoo
The hottest zoo in Japan, Asahiyama Zoo has its own style of exhibition that allows visitors to fully see the animals true behaviors and capabilities.
From Sahoro Resort 125 km. By car 2 hours 30 minutes
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Farm Tomita
Lavenders cover half of the land area and differ in species so the eye-easing beauty stays at its best from June through August with changing faces.
From Sahoro Resort 70 km. By car 1 hour and 20 minutes
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Flower Land Kami-Furano
Lupine in June, Lavender in July, salvia and zinnia in August. Summer months are filled with vivid colors in the big nature.
From Sahoro Resort 75 km. By car 1 hour 20 minutes drive
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Obihiro Areas

Shichiku Garden
A vast variety of 2500 seasonal grasses and flowers grow in an English garden setting. Great viewing from late April through late September..
From Sahoro Resort 60 km. By car 1 hour
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Manabe Teien
Japan's largest conifer garden consists of Japanese, Western and Scenic gardens and flowers are to be seen through early October.
From Sahoro Resort 55 km. By car 1 hour
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Ban-ei Horse Race
Twice as large as a thoroughbred horse, these magnificent animals pull a weighted steel sled, for a distance of 200 m. A unique and dynamic experience that Hokkaido can only offer.
From Sahoro Resort 52 km. By car 1 hour
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