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2012Summer Topics

SAHORO Resort, nestled in the Karikachi pass, is surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests & waters. Last year we implemented the "Green Project," to enhance our guest's health during their visit. Sahoro's forests is saturated with the beneficical minus ions (abundant in nature) medically recognized in healing and relaxing the body and mind. Experience it yourself in the heat of our Sahoro Forest.

Sahoro Resort's Top5 hot spots Minus Ion hot spots
No.1 The waterfall of the small bird 180,000 minus ions /cc
No.2 Ion spa REFRE 56,000 minus ions /cc
No.3 Former Karikachi Line Footpath 7,500 minus ions /cc
No.4 The tree outskirts of the Quercus crispula of 500 years old 5,500 minus ions /cc
No.5 Sahoro Lake area 4,000 minus ions /cc

Compare Hotel rooms 350 minus ions / cc. Obihiro city 430 minus ions / cc.
*All test were conducted with the air-ion counter inti ITC-201A unit.

A hotel guest privilege

" Heart of the Forest" map present
The "Heart of the Forest," nature's treasure map. Leisure walks, whenever and wherever the paths lead you. Rediscover yourself and let your senses come alive. One map present per room.

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