Hokkaido Garden Path 2,200YEN

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13/5-15/10 2017
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Garden entry tickets are also available for purchase at the Sahoro Resort Hotel Lobby.

Entry to 4 of 8 of the gardens.

Hokkaido Garden Path tickets for sale!
A great deal for entry into 4 of the 8 gardens along the route.

Location Garden Name Time from Sahoro Resort, via car Web Site
1 Ueno Farm 131km, 135 min. 上野ファームWeb<br />
2 Windy Garden 66km, 70 min. 風のガーデンWewサイトへ
3 Tokachi Millennium Forest 30km, 30 min. 十勝千年の森Webサイトへ
4 Manabe Garden 55km, 60 min. 真鍋庭園Webサイトへ
5 Tokachi Hills 69km, 70 min. 十勝ヒルズWeb<br />
6 Shichiku Garden 60km, 60 min. 紫竹ガーデンWebサイトへ
7 Rokka-no Mori 83km, 85 min. 六花の森Webサイトへ
8 Daisetsu Mori-no Garden 167km, 180 min. 大雪森のガーデンWebサイトへ
  • Tokachi Millennium Forest will be closed on the 1/6

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Tokachi Millennium Forest


Step into a vast area of astounding beauty to experience the natural wilderness of Hokkaido. At the foot of the Hidaka mountain range beautiful gardens come to life with a spledid display of colourful flowers and exibitions of modern art. The concept behind this garden is to create something that will be preserved for 1000 years. You can also explore the gardens via a Segway tour.


Shichiku Garden


An English garden that when in full bloom boasts about 2,500 species. You can enjoy this colourful display from the end of April to September.


Windy Garden


Be transported to another place in this British style garden that takes you back to the days of old. Famous for being the site of a popular Japanese television drama. This beautiful Furano garden has over 365 different types of flower.


Manabe Garden


On the back of the Tokachi mountains, you can see different sights over the months. Lupine blossoms in June, Lavender from mid-July, Sage and colourful Zinnia through August. Famous as the first Conifer garden in Japan, the trees are rare plants that grew here well before the development of Hokkaido.


Tokachi Hills


The flower garden is overflowing with the natural beauty of Tokachi. Restaurants, outdoor cafes, an outdoor stage and a children’s experience farm all make up this vast, 23ha, theme park of agriculture and food.


Rokka-no Mori


This specialty factory, based in Hokkaido and famous for the production of confectionary is located in Nakasatsunai Village. Here you can see the flowers that are the inspiration for the paintings that adorn the famous sweets. Naoyuki Sakamoto the artist behind the design of the Rokkatei symbol also has an exhibition of works here.


Karikachi Range


In 1927 this area was selected by readers of the Tokyo Daily Newspaper and the Osaka Daily as one of the top 8 natural feature areas in Japan. Other such unique places included: The Cape Muroto coastal region, Lake Towada, Uzen mountain, the river Kiso, Kamikochi valley, Kegon waterfall, Beppu Onsen and the spectacular Karikachi plains.


Mt. Tomuraushi


Tomuraushi mountain is one of the 100 best mountains in Japan. At the foot of the mountain there are natural rock fountains that rise out of the hot springs and form striking natural monuments.


Shikaribetsu Lake


During the cold of winter, warm up and invigorate yourself in an open air bath. During the warm summer months relax and go fishing for the freshwater fish that Shikaribetsu lake is famous for. To truly pamper yourself there is a the lakeside spa of Shikaribetsu.


Kanayama Lake


In early summer the lavender blooms by the lakeside transforming the land into a stunning sea of colour. For people who enjoy fishing the spot is full of fish such as rainbow trout.


Kamishihoro Rail Ruin


The arch bridge was chosen as a heritage item of Hokkaido in October 2001. The surrounding landscape will fill your heart with content as you take in the natural beauty of the Daisetsuzan National Park.


Ryugetsu Sweetopia Garden


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a tour of a confectionary factory and café studio experience. Sample the sweets unique to the Tokachi area.
Access friendly for the elderly and people with disabilities.


Yachiyo Farm


A rich and diverse natural pasture spreads out from the base of the Tokachihoroshiri mountain. Discover the unique charm of local produce such as tasty sausages and intricate wood carvings, there is also a restaurant that serves mouth watering dishes.


Choyo Park (Village of Fireflies)


From the end of July and throughout August you can see the spectacular display of fireflies that dance about the ponds.



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Karikachi Plains Garden


In late May you can behold the spectacular site of around 1600 blossoming trees in the plum garden. Even when the trees aren’t in bloom you can enjoy a trip along the vintage Tokachi railway on the Rail car and see the old station yard of Niinai.

NPO法人 旧狩勝線を楽しむ会Webサイトへ

Kyodo Gakusha Shintoku Dairy Farm & Restaurant


Home to one of the most delightful cheeses in Japan, it has been awarded the highest Monde Selection Gold award in the Japan Prize contest. Dinning at the restaurant, Mintaru where you can try raclette, a Swiss dish of melted cheese is highly recommended. Of course samples and souvenirs are available too.


Shintoku Agriculture Research Centre


The Hokkaido Research centre is the largest in Japan at 1,622 hectares. A historic site with a rich history and traditional barns creates an idyllic country side scene.


Sahoro Lake


Walking around the lake promenade is ideal for bird watching with many different types inhabiting the area. A fantastic recreation zone with plenty of activities on offer. Enjoy a warm summers day canoeing on the lake, fishing or relaxing in your campsite. The footpath is lined with pieces of art crafted from driftwood that make the lake of Sahoro a memorable place.

佐幌ダム | 十勝総合振興局Webサイトへ

Niinai Farm


From the top of Sahoro dam you can gaze out across 440 hectares where 1,100 head of cattle graze from mid-may until mid-October.


Shintoku Park


Get close to nature as you explore this open and expansive public park. Visiting during the cherry blossom season is recommended for a special sensation. Walk around Shintoku mountain via the footpath that takes you from the promenade of SL Plaza through the grazing lands and to the mountain top.


Kuttari Lake


Relax by Kuttari lake that fills with water flowing from Tokachi river. Play some Park golf, or visit the Dam park. The cliff that lines the left shore of the lake is spectacular.


Takutetsu Park


Dedicated to lifelong learning and the preservation of this natural and historic area that was once the site of the Takushoku railway station. The park offers all kinds of natural sites in the wetlands and ponds that are home to many different kinds of plants and animals.


Soba Road


From mid-July to the end of August, white buckwheat flowers blossom across fields that stretch on for 1.3km. Buckwheat is the main ingredient of the Japanese soba noodle. There is also a nearby park that is a great place for a scenic picnic.